The Week of Nov. 14, 2011

The Half-Blood Prince is roughly 8 months away from being born and I am not talking about Harry Potter. William and Kate are expecting. Kate, who wed prince William in April is six months pregnant. No Harry isn’t in the running for the name either. If it is a boy, the possibilities are Edward, Philip or Michael. If it is a girl, the possibilities are Alice or Rose.

Ok so this isn’t the half-blood prince everyone was hoping for, but millions of people are excited for the couple. Millions of people stayed up through all hours of the night to watch William and Kate wed. Millions more are snooping through articles and pictures of the  couple to get the details on the baby-to-be. 

This isn’t the first rumor of a child for the couple but a reliable source of the royal family says this time it is true. They state that William and Kate are preparing three nurseries for their future children. The royal couple is said to be wanting a girl for their first baby. The new rule of succession was passed this year, which states the oldest of the children is the rightful heir regardless of gender. The Queen is said to also want the first child to be a female.


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