The Week of Nov. 7, 2011

If you live in Oklahoma, you are aware that we live in “Tornado Alley”, which is mainly the area between the Rocky Mountains and Appliation Mountains that frequently has tornado activity. But in the past recent weeks, earthquakes have hit at least once at week to the point where a majority of Oklahomans could feel it.

We have always had earthquake activity according to Austin Hollan with the  Oklahoma Geological Survey. We have on average 50 earthquakes a year and have had 1,800 since 1977. These earthquakes are only read on seismograph and generally are not felt by the public. On Nov. 5, 2011 this changed. A 4.7 earthquake was recorded in Lincoln County at 10:53 p.m. and an aftershock occurred Nov. 7 at 8:46.

Within this past year, Oklahomans have felt more earthquakes than everbefore. Many say that it is because of oil drilling in the surrounding states, others say there is a new developed fault line under our great state. Regardless of the reason, schools are now doing earthquake drills and earthquake insurance is being bought at an all time high.


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