The Week of Nov. 1, 2011

By this time everyone has heard about Republican candidate Herman Cain accused of sexual harassment.  Now the count is up to four women who are accusing Cain of sexual harassment. The first two supposedly happened in the 1990s at  the  NRA . The third  and forth women was also employed at the NRA,  the third has decided to not discuss the case further except through her lawyer’s statements. 

First off  I find it ridiculous how Gloria Alred takes all these mistress’ cases of famous people. Tiger Woods and now Cain’s mistress’? Also, it isn’t unheard of people committing sexual harassment but on 4 people? If this did happen to the first one, the second and twelfth just make us believe that they all are lying.  These women just want to become famous and jump on the money train when they see an opening. 

Cain and his campaign have decided to go on the offense with these accusations. commercials of Cain discussing these accusations and how this is a “circus”. Also, Cain has been on talk shows such as Hannity, and stated “These are absolutely fabrication man”, and Cain says he wouldn’t even flatter women, let alone invite them to his apartment.


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