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The Week of Nov. 14, 2011

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The Half-Blood Prince is roughly 8 months away from being born and I am not talking about Harry Potter. William and Kate are expecting. Kate, who wed prince William in April is six months pregnant. No Harry isn’t in the running for the name either. If it is a boy, the possibilities are Edward, Philip or Michael. If it is a girl, the possibilities are Alice or Rose.

Ok so this isn’t the half-blood prince everyone was hoping for, but millions of people are excited for the couple. Millions of people stayed up through all hours of the night to watch William and Kate wed. Millions more are snooping through articles and pictures of the  couple to get the details on the baby-to-be. 

This isn’t the first rumor of a child for the couple but a reliable source of the royal family says this time it is true. They state that William and Kate are preparing three nurseries for their future children. The royal couple is said to be wanting a girl for their first baby. The new rule of succession was passed this year, which states the oldest of the children is the rightful heir regardless of gender. The Queen is said to also want the first child to be a female.


The Week of Nov. 7, 2011

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If you live in Oklahoma, you are aware that we live in “Tornado Alley”, which is mainly the area between the Rocky Mountains and Appliation Mountains that frequently has tornado activity. But in the past recent weeks, earthquakes have hit at least once at week to the point where a majority of Oklahomans could feel it.

We have always had earthquake activity according to Austin Hollan with the  Oklahoma Geological Survey. We have on average 50 earthquakes a year and have had 1,800 since 1977. These earthquakes are only read on seismograph and generally are not felt by the public. On Nov. 5, 2011 this changed. A 4.7 earthquake was recorded in Lincoln County at 10:53 p.m. and an aftershock occurred Nov. 7 at 8:46.

Within this past year, Oklahomans have felt more earthquakes than everbefore. Many say that it is because of oil drilling in the surrounding states, others say there is a new developed fault line under our great state. Regardless of the reason, schools are now doing earthquake drills and earthquake insurance is being bought at an all time high.

The Week of Nov. 1, 2011

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By this time everyone has heard about Republican candidate Herman Cain accused of sexual harassment.  Now the count is up to four women who are accusing Cain of sexual harassment. The first two supposedly happened in the 1990s at  the  NRA . The third  and forth women was also employed at the NRA,  the third has decided to not discuss the case further except through her lawyer’s statements. 

First off  I find it ridiculous how Gloria Alred takes all these mistress’ cases of famous people. Tiger Woods and now Cain’s mistress’? Also, it isn’t unheard of people committing sexual harassment but on 4 people? If this did happen to the first one, the second and twelfth just make us believe that they all are lying.  These women just want to become famous and jump on the money train when they see an opening. 

Cain and his campaign have decided to go on the offense with these accusations. commercials of Cain discussing these accusations and how this is a “circus”. Also, Cain has been on talk shows such as Hannity, and stated “These are absolutely fabrication man”, and Cain says he wouldn’t even flatter women, let alone invite them to his apartment.