The Week of Oct. 24, 2011

Even if you aren’t a baseball fan chances are you heard about the World Series this past weekend.  The St. Louis Cardinals advanced to game 7 Oct. The St. Louis Cardinals became World Series Champions  again on Oct. 29, 2011  s when they beat the Texas Rangers  6-2. Every news station, commercial and any other form of communication is incorporating the World Series or the Cardinals into their stories or forms of communication.

If the Rangers would have won their game against the St. Louis Cardinals, it would have been their first World Series win in history. Many people believe they have won before but this is not true. The Rangers are also an expansion team of the Washington Senators, who in return are an expansion team of the Minnesota Twins. The Expansion team has won the World Series but kept the title with the team, even though most of the team was traded and became the Rangers.

By association I am a Texas Rangers Fan. I hardly watch baseball but my friends do and have convinced me to root for the Rangers. I watched the Game from Buffalo Wild Wings and as soon as I saw the “Cards” jumping in a pile I asked the waitress if she could turn the TV off and the music on. This was supposed to the The Rangers Season and they fell short. The Rangers had a great season, and this is the closest time it has come to winning a World Series Game.


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