The Week of Oct.10, 2011

For the past several weeks, the headlines have been focused on the occupy wall street and at other important buildings in the financial district of New York City. The movement has caused at least 25 other similar movements around the U.S.

The protesters are wanting the government to treat the public like it did the banks and bail them out of their debt. The movement has signs that say ” we are the 99 percent”, which is reenforcing their main idea; the government only helps out the one percent of the U.S. which is only the rich.

Whether you’re a liberal or conservative, you can agree that something has to change in our government. Being completely right-wing or left shouldnt be the main qualifications right now; it should be fixing our country that is in debt and helping our people. I am semi-conservative ,but i believe “occupying” anything will help to open our government’s eyes.


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